Spottitt Line Shield

Electricity DSOs and TSOs are required to improve their SAIFI and SAIDI indicators while cutting O&M spending on their aerial networks. Line Shield is the solution used to optimize vegetation management activities and gather updated insights on external risks such as new buildings, change in land use and water bodies around the network.

Vegetation, new buildings and human activities, cause 40% of unplanned interruptions. These interruptions increase penalties maintenance costs and outage management efforts. Aerial surveys are expensive, accurate ground surveys at scale take time, neither technologies are ideal for timely monitoring at scale. For this reason, network providers lack the necessary data to move from calendar-based to risk-based management decisions, which is the key objective of the grid digitalization strategy of many companies. 

Spottitt Line Shield is the satellite analytics solution for power network operators looking to optimise current inspection methods such as aerial surveys or foot patrols thanks to reliable and frequent data across the entire grid.

Protect your power network with actionable, up to date analytics

Vegetation watch

Managing vegetation requires inspecting the lines to understand the distance from the lines. Line Shield’s Vegetation watch provides analytics at scale on vegetation clearance, type, health conditions and growth rates.

Overhead risk detection

Overhead lines are subject to many external risks wich can cause encroachments and unplanned interruptions. Line Shield’s Overhead risk detection provides insights around human activities, change in land use and new buildings close to the network.

Change detection

One of the most powerful features that satellites offer is the ability to detect any changes that occur between one image and the previous one. With Line Shield’s Change detection, we compare every centimeter of your RoW with the previous images, to detect any new risks.

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The easy way

No rocket science needed. Boost your risk awareness with actionable insights. Spottitt customers leverage our expertise to find and customise the optimal solution based on their specific needs.

Accurate, real-time results

With Spottitt, you get high resolution images and the most advanced artificial intelligence to get the most accurate insights on every meter of your network, updated as frequent as every day.

At scale, in hours

Inspect at scale in hours. Our monitoring solutions require no hardware, no flight permits, no time wasted walking or driving, and, most importantly, they no pollution. Enjoy your analyses in our platform and integrate them into the current management systems and GIS.

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