Spottitt Pipeline Shield

Asset managers of water and gas network operators struggle to ensure the highest safety and efficiency with their underground network. Pipeline Shield gives an updated view of the sorroundings of the network every two weeks, outlining the risks from tree roots, new buildings and human activities, while keeping track of gas and water leaks in rural areas.

New buildings, human activities, workers digging in the fields, put at risk both themselves and the network. Moreover, while sensors help identify pressure levels, they don’t provide exact locations of leaks, so a lot of checking and digging can be required. Rural gas pipelines are hard to monitor: regulators are asking for higher levels of safety, reliability and distribution efficiency. Installing in situ meters and sensors helps, but few network providers have complete network coverage especially outside urban areas.

Spottitt Pipeline Shield is the satellite analytics solution for gas and water network operators looking to replace current inspection methods such as aerial surveys or foot patrols with more reliable and frequent data. 

Protect your gas or water network with actionable, updated analytics

Underground risk detection

Underground networks are exposed to risks coming from new buildings, tree roots, and human activities around the pipelines. Pipeline Shield’s Underground risk detection gives a comprehensive overview of where trees, human activities, buildings and water bodies are.

Leak detection

Protecting pipelines from leakages is good for the business and, more importantly, for the environment. Pipeline Shield’s Leak detection helps asset managers detect where water and gas leaks are, especially in rural areas.

Change detection

One of the most powerful features that satellites offer is the ability to detect any changes that occur between one image and the previous one. With Pipeline Shield’s Change detection, we compare every centimeter of your RoW with the previous images, to detect any new risks.

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The easy way

No rocket science needed. Boost your risk awareness with actionable insights. Spottitt customers leverage our expertise to find and customise the optimal solution based on their specific needs.

Accurate, real-time results

With Spottitt, you get high resolution images and the most advanced artificial intelligence to get the most accurate insights on every meter of your network, updated as frequent as every day.

At scale, in hours

Our monitoring solutions require no hardware, no flight permits, no time wasted walking or driving, and, most importantly, they no pollution. Enjoy your analyses in our platform and integrate them into the current management systems and GIS.

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