Reality Check

Assessing the climate and environmental impact on the infrastructure is key to a better understanding of their health. Reality Check is the solution that gives unprecedented insights on asset health conditions, based on climate and environmental indicators that can create stress and corrosion on both underground and aerial networks.

Increased extreme weather events caused by climate change and ageing infrastructure make it harder than ever to ensure network reliability while keeping new investments and costs within budget. Environmental conditions such as flooding, soil moisture, extreme weather events and land motion  have a direct impact on the condition and reliability of your pylons, lines and underground cables. Digitalization is key to improve operational efficiency and it requires the ability to gather and analyse data to increase the risk-awareness of potential failures. However, today’s monitoring technologies and inspection methods give no insight the environmental conditions experienced by the assets.

Spottitt Reality Check is the satellite analytics solution for utility network operators looking to improve future network resilience and performance by gaining a detailed and up to date understanding of the changing environmental risks across their assets.

Understand your asset health conditions with up to date analytics:

Floods analysis

Floods and soil moisture can create corrosion on pilons and underground equipment. Reality Check’s Floods analysis gives a complete picture about the frequency and extent of floods and changing soil moisture in every part of your network.

Land motion analysis

The land is always moving. This causes direct stress on lines and pipelines, as well as giving insights on potentially risky landslides in the future. Reality Check’s Land motion analysis provides objective data on land movement velocities and directions.

Climate and weather indicators

Unfortunately, climate is changing all over the World, with differenct effects in each geography. Extreme weather events, changing temperature, precipitations, winds and snow are increasing the risk of failure, especially of older assets. Reality Check’s Climate and weather indicators give up to date data on all relevant environmental factors.

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No rocket science needed. Boost your risk awareness with actionable insights. Spottitt customers leverage our expertise to find and customise the optimal solution based on their specific needs.

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With Spottitt, you get high resolution images and the most advanced artificial intelligence to get the most accurate insights on every meter of your network, updated as frequent as every day.

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Inspect at scale in hours. Our monitoring solutions require no hardware, no flight permits, no time wasted walking or driving, and, most importantly, they no pollution. Enjoy your analyses in our platform and integrate them into the current management systems and GIS.

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